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Swimming Pool Cover – What to Consider Before Buying

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Owning a pool on your property is a great benefit that can provide hours of fun for all the family during the summer months. But owning your pool also comes with a lot of responsibility.

You need to ensure that your pool is a safe addition to your home and doesn’t become a potentially dangerous safety hazard. And to do this there are certain steps you need to take to make sure that the water is healthy, and that family members and pets cannot enter the pool area unsupervised.

Investing in a high-quality, durable, and secure pool cover is a great way to ensure the safety of your family and keep maintenance costs down too! But you need to make sure that the cover you pick for your pool is suitable for your purpose and fulfills all your needs.

So before you pick the pool cover for your property, take the time to read through our guide of what to consider before buying a pool cover. This will help to make sure you make the right choice and pick a cover that you will be happy with for years to come.

What to Consider Before Buying the Pool Cover for Your Swimming Pool

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The first thing to consider when buying a cover for the pool is your legal obligation as a pool owner and how you are going to meet them.

What are the Regulations About a Pool Cover in South Africa?

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The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) states in SANS 10134 that – “Every private swimming pool that can hold more than 30 cm of water should be surrounded by a child-proof fence.” The area should also “be fitted with a safety net or solid safety cover to prevent children drowning.”

This guidance should be utmost in your mind while deciding which type of cover is best for your property. Think about the practicalities of your pool area and which type of cover is best suited to providing the safest possible outdoor space for your family.

Don’t Always Go For the Cheapest Option Safety Cover

An easy mistake to make when buying a safety cover for your pool is to go for the cover which is cheapest. But in many cases pool owners find this to be a false economy. Not only is cheaper cover likely to prove less robust in bad weather, have inferior stitching, and have less secure safety devices for keeping children out of the water – they are more likely to rip, tear and become unusable quicker.

So you may find yourself shelling out more money to buy a replacement a lot sooner than you had anticipated. Make sure that the cover you choose will provide a long-term safety solution for the safety of your pool by choosing based on quality materials and robust safety features.

Make Sure the Pool Cover is Strong and Durable

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When picking a cover for your swimming pool, you need to make sure to consider the materials which are included in the description. Your pool cover will need to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear throughout the season – you will be constantly putting it on and off, it will need to withstand the strains of the weather, and you will want a material that helps to conserve heat and limit evaporation.

All of this means that you need to invest in a pool cover that is made of high-quality and strong materials which will stand the test of time and survive the practical strains of the swimming pool season.

Should You Get a Weight-Supporting Safety Cover for Your Pool?

One thing you should consider when deciding on the best pool cover is whether you want to invest in weight-bearing pool covers. These bring an extra element of safety to the pool area by ensuring that even if family members trip or fall in the area around the pool, the pool covers will support their weight and they won’t drop into the water.

These types of pool covers might be more of an investment, but the extra peace of mind they provide can be invaluable.

Do you want the Pool Cover to Prevent Algae Growth Actively?

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One of the main battles a pool owner wages each summer is the prevention of the growth of algae in the water. Did you know that certain types of pool covers will help you to prevent algae growth in the pool?

Pool covers which prevent the transfer of light when covering the pool will prevent the process of photosynthesis which algae need to grow and develop.

And truly secure pool covers will help to limit the dirt, debris, and leaves from falling into the water, providing material for the algae to feed on.

How Secure is Your Pool Cover When Children Try to Remove it?

One of the main concerns when choosing between pool covers is how secure the locking devices are once the cover has been spread out on the pool area. You want to make sure that the anchors and safety features in place aren’t going to be easily undone by small hands when your back is turned.

So make sure to take note of the types of security available on pool covers and choose an option your children won’t be able to open by themselves.

Make Sure Your Pool Covers Are Saving You Money!

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If you are buying new covers for your pool, it is easy to only think about the expenditure. But pool covers are also an effective way of making sure that you keep costs down during the swimming season!

If you invest in a high-quality pool cover, the costs of both your water and water heating bills can go down substantially!

This is because, with a heat-retaining pool cover, you can ensure that the warmth that water has collected from the sun during the day will be retained during the colder temperatures of the night.

A decent pool cover will also mean that your pool has less evaporation and you will have to perform fewer top-ups throughout the season.

Consider Where You Want to Purchase Your Swimming Pool Cover

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You need to think about which company you want to purchase your pool cover from. To choose the best pool cover available it is always best to turn to specialist companies.

Not only are they likely to have the best ranges to choose from, with plenty of options for different kinds of pools. they will also be able to offer bespoke options not available on more general websites.

Buying from a pool cover expert means you will also be able to access bespoke solutions, from larger cover options for outsized pools to covers designed specially to limit evaporation. An experienced and expert pool cover supplier will be in a position to provide you with exactly the right design for your needs.

Which Stain Remover Should I Use for My Swimming Pool Cover?

When it comes to swimming pool cover stains, exploring the right stain remover is crucial for maintaining its appearance. Different stains require different treatments. For organic stains like algae or leaves, chlorine-based cleaners work best. For mineral stains, try an acid-based cleaner. Lastly, for oil or grease stains, a specialized degreaser will do the trick. Consider the type of stain to effectively treat your swimming pool cover stains explored.

What Should I Look for in a Thermal Blanket Cover for My Pool?

When searching for thermal blanket covers for pools, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, ensure the cover is made from durable, weather-resistant materials to withstand constant exposure to water and sunlight. Look for covers with efficient insulation properties to retain heat and prevent evaporation. Additionally, check for easy installation and proper sizing to fit your pool snugly. Invest in a high-quality thermal blanket cover to maximize energy savings and extend your swimming season.

Where Can You Find Solid, Safe, and High-Quality Swimming Pool Covers in South Africa?

To access the best in safe, solid, and durable pool covers, get in contact with Designer Covers today. You can browse our range or pool covers online or get in contact with our cover design experts for a more detailed chat about the best option for you.

Our range includes thermal blankets, pet and child safety covers, slatted automatic covers, and easy glide cover options in a variety of colours and styles. And if you do not see an option available for your pool in our range, our bespoke service will be on hand to draw up a personalised solution!

When it comes to pool covers, it is important to head to service which keeps the safety of your family firmly in mind. So get in touch now to learn more about our designer pool covers and blankets which may be the perfect fit for your pool!